You started your freelance business

for MORE freedom. 

Not to be at the constant whims of toxic, bargain-seeking clients who induce panic attacks with every 9pm txt requesting “more changes”.

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It all started with great promise and excitement.

Setting your own schedule, controlling your income, and getting to sip pumpkin-spice lattes in disgustingly cute coffee shops with Bon Iver flowing through your headphones.
And then, it kinda took a wrong turn.

Inconsistent months forcing you to take on any client for any project (even the ones that trigger your defences from the start). 

Bending over backwards to meet confusing demands, unrealistic deadlines and bloated scopes on borderline-insulting budgets.
Rising stress levels around how you now have to cover all your expenses (health, medical, business overhead, accounting, vacations, etc.) 
And really just hoping and praying that you somehow never burnout, and can scrape together enough money by the end of the month to keep the freelance dream alive.

In your most honest moments, you can probably admit that your current freelance career isn’t sustainable.

In fact, it kinda sucks. A lot.

Of course you don’t admit it at Thanksgiving dinner in front of parents and family who doubted your freelance dreams right from the start.

But those 10pm kitchen floor breakdowns with your best friend or significant other?

Mostly induced by the fear that this freelance thing might not work out after all.

That there are only so many slow months, stressful weekend and sh*tty clients you can endure before you call it a day and update your LinkedIn profile.

And even though going back to a predictable “9-to-5” might be taunting you with every late payment or project-from-hell. 

Somehow, it just doesn’t feel like a real option for you.

You didn’t escape Shawshank with a plastic spoon only to crawl your way back into it. 

Which means…

It’s time to finally figure out how to make this freelance thing work. And fast.

So you start re-gathering some courage, and ask the big questions:
  • When exactly does this freelance trajectory change?
  • When exactly does my career provide a dose of William-Wallace approved freedom?
  • ​How do I go from charging $90 on fiverr to $5k+ to clients begging to work with me?
  • ​How do I position my offer to limit scope creep and charge based on value?
  • ​What are high-end clients looking for? How do I find them?
  • When I do find them, how do I sign them? Do I send proposals? Get on sales calls?
  • ​What about all the nitty-gritty admin work? Should I hire someone? Can I automate?
But because time is of major concern, mostly you’re asking… 
How the heck can I turn around this dumpster fire of a freelance biz on a tight timeline while stressing about bills, stiff-arming overconcerned spouses, and flirting with the burnout from not having had a vacation in almost 18 months
Here’s what you gotta know…

The most lucrative and freedom-providing freelance businesses aren’t built by default. They’re built by design.

Like this one, which I’m sure you’ll recognize yourself in…
If you never had a roadmap for working sane and sustainable 20-25 hour work weeks with clients you love, all while making more money than you’ll ever need to fund your dream lifestyle…

Then why would you expect that result to magically show up?

A sustainable and thriving freelance career won’t happen “by accident”.

It doesn’t come from a decade of “paying one’s dues”.
It comes when you snap out of the illusion that if you “do enough crazy-scoped jobs on a shoestring budget for clients who treat you like a doormat, that somehow your next gig will be better”. 

When it comes to jumping onto the fastlane of a sustainable and thriving freelance business, three things are true

- ONE -
You need a Six Figure Roadmap:
This isn’t about “making a ton of money for money’s sake”.

You don’t plan to buy a Rolex next month or flaunt stacks of cash to your cousin Jim who’s still stuck in cubicle hell and was secretly banking on your failure from the start.

That doesn’t interest you.

It’s simply about leaving your old “job” far in the rearview. 

Which really means, it’s about having enough cashflow to be picky with clients, maintain your boundaries (most freelancers allow their boundaries to be trampled over because they’re so scared of losing a client), and to have the necessary cash to take vacations, cover your own expenses, and save an “emergency fund”.

When it comes to enjoying freedom as a freelancer, six figures isn’t “F-U” money. It’s the table stakes for everything you got into the game to begin with.

And if you’re just “winging it” hoping that one day you’ll hit that figure, you’re probably setting yourself up for a decade of stress and thinning hair. 

Bottom line: 

For this whole freelance thing to work, a six figure goal can and must be baked into a predictable plan.
- TWO -
You need to have the authority, leadership and kickass offer to be super choosy with your clients:
When you’re a commodity, you get treated as such.

When you can be easily replaced by someone on Fiverr, a client will have no problem stretching you beyond your capacity, knowing they can have you replaced by this time tomorrow.

Further, if every new project is “custom in scope” and you’re essentially starting from scratch every time, you’ll quickly burn out your bandwidth. 

But when you hone in on a specific and valuable outcome (and productized service or offer), you put yourself in a category of one.

You call the shots.

Clients clamor (and wait months) for you and your expertise. 

And you never have to let yourself get “bargained down” on some degrading zoom call ever again.

Best of all, your offer becomes hyper-clear in scope, predictable in how long it takes to deliver, and creates consistent cashflow that has you upgrading to the new M1 macbook and drinking all the overpriced lattes your heart desires.
Finding clients has to be easy, consistent and predictable:
Your client acquisition can’t just be a half-hearted affair of “posting content whenever you feel like it”, begging for referrals, and sending the random cold DM blast. 

It needs to be simple, consistent and non-awkward.

But most of all, it has to work.

It’s very difficult to spend the time sharpening your skills and crafting an amazing offer, only to have no clue how to land high-paying freelance clients.

But when you lean into a proven and predictable client acquisition system from the start, your confidence and excitement swells.

You feel charged up by a renewed sense of possibility.

And your productivity begins to skyrocket as you finally start feeling real traction.
If you’re still on board, and would like the fast-pass to true freelancing freedom, it’s my pleasure to invite you into: 

Freelance Fastlane

Attract Better Clients & Accelerate Your Freelance Growth
Freelance Fastlane is designed and proven to help ANY KIND of freelancer go from struggling…

...To easily pulling in $100K (or more) every year.

If you’re not yet at $100K, this is for you.

If you’re close or right around $100K, this is also for you (it’ll likely help you make more, while working less.)

You’ll get a step-by-step method for attracting the perfect prospect, every week…

And having dream clients sign up for your freelance services.

This is working – right now – for freelancers across 76 different niches, industries, or verticals (B2B and B2C)…

Ranging from photographers, fitness, health, money, business, marketing, and so many more.

It does NOT matter what kind of freelancer you are...

This will help you attract and land dream clients that are a perfect fit for you.

Here’s what you’ll find inside:

Freelance Protocol

The very first thing I’m putting in your hands…

Is a 1-page “Protocol” that contains everything you need to do to attract, engage and land high-quality, dream clients…

Every week (or as often as you want.)
I’ve outlined every step and every task for you.

From beginning to end.

Truly, all you do is follow the instructions on this single page.

It’ll take you 1-2 hours to complete the tasks, once per week. That’s it. 

And you’ll attract at least 4+ high-ticket client conversations every week.
  • The Perfect Offer: A clear, concise description of the services you’re offering (so you can talk about it without hesitation.)
  • The Perfect Avatar: A clear description of who your services are for, so you can stay focused on only the best clients.
  • The Perfect Message: What you say, talking points, so you can communicate effectively and always say the right thing.
  • The 1-Hour Weekly Spring: The exact steps and strategies to deploy, once a week (for about an hour, sometimes less) so you can line up conversations with perfect fit clients, every single week.
Everything you need to do fits on ONE. SINGLE. PAGE.

This eliminates confusion, overwhelm – and keeps you laser-focused on doing only the important things (so you can ignore the rest.)

The Freelance To BUsiness Owner Book

This is our highly coveted “Freelance Playbook”.

And it reveals how thousands have freed themselves from the time-for-money and crappy clients trap…

To do freelancing and live life on their own terms.
This book pulls back the curtain on exactly how the most successful freelancers win all the best clients and get paid handsomely for it... And how you can do it too.

I've detailed everything I WISH I would have known in the early days about succeeding as a freelancer.

Including how to skip each of the costly lessons I foolishly chose to learn the hard way (and there were MANY).

Inside this book, you’ll discover...
  • Clueless how to select the right niche? Need help building your freelance offer? I’ve laid out all the steps inside this book.
  • Wondering how to get your offer in front of the right people… and then get them on the phone pre-framed to buy? You’ll find an entire chapter on it.
  • Want to know exactly what to say when you get on the phone with a potential client (without relying on sketchy sales tactics)? You'll find that too.
  • “What should I charge?” The 3 main models of freelancing Chris and I have used to generate income, the earning potential of each, and the one I prefer most.
  • ​​The critical economics of building a cash-flush, highly-profitable freelance business (regardless of which model you choose.)
  • How to economically protect yourself from the ups and downs of business (run your business like you would your personal checkbook, trouble will come knocking.)
  • ​The “If I can just replace my income I’ll be alright” fallacy (this is 25% of the picture at most, and ignoring the rest leaves you seriously exposed.)
  • The 2 key factors for determining how much you charge each client (when you understand the options at your disposal - pricing becomes EASY.)
  • “But who would actually pay $4k, $10k or $18k for freelancing?!?” Let me open your eyes, drop your jaw, and transform your thinking about this forever.
  • The “nuts and bolts” of packaging up the perfect freelance offer that gets people to whip out their credit cards.
  • ​The Do’s & Don’ts of Niches: Why traditional “niching” advice can send you down the wrong path… and what you must understand to truly dominate your area of expertise (hint: there are 4 ingredients to a well-chosen niche.)
  • ​How to “niche down” while appealing to MORE people than before.
  • The Success Principles that separate the happy, healthy and wealthy freelancers from those who seem to struggle for eternity (arguably the most important section of the entire book.)
  • ​​And so much more...

The Perfect Avatar & Offer

This will set you up so that everything you offer and say will speak directly to your most perfect clients. 

That means you must create a high-def picture of your Avatar. This training will help you do exactly that.
You will refer to this document over & over again. It’s like a 24/7 “insider” into your market. 

Anytime you need to create new marketing materials, posts, or even new offers, this will guide your every step.

You’ll discover...
  • How to quickly - and accurately – uncover the true pains, desires, dreams, aspirations, needs and wants of your market in “High-Definition Clarity”.
  • Why you must both discover and also REVEAL who they are to themselves – without this, they’ll never identify with your offer or believe it’s for them. I’ll show you how to do this.
  • Psychographics, demographics? Who cares? You don’t need a Phd. in human psychology to sell something. There are only a handful of psychological factors that come into play when a prospect is about to buy – You’ll discover exactly which ones and how to trigger them.
  • ​​How to quickly assemble an Avatar Worksheet with only the most important details and information you need. Knowing this will help you identify and attract perfect, dream clients at any time.
Now that you know WHO you’re selling to, we’ll ALSO show you how to package and put together OFFERS, in a straight-forward practical way…
  • Your clients need this ONE thing. So you need to strip away everything else. We'll show you the WHAT and the HOW so you can package your offer the right way.
  • There are only a few elements that MATTER to your prospects. Don't create your offer without these.
  • Use the "Freelance Offer Validation Worksheet": The 8 most important questions to ask yourself (and answer) so you can make your offer to the market with confidence and a high probability of selling something that people actually want.
  • ​​How to avoid being seen as a COMMODITY and “like everyone else”. This will also help you set your own prices, define your own value, and NEVER be compared or price-shopped again.
  • Having a hard time selling what you do? Here’s why you don’t have a “sales problem” but instead an OFFER problem – and there are 2 PIVOTS you need to make to fix this once and for all.
  • How to AVOID the biggest mistakes freelancers make with PRICING (with these strategies, you’ll maximize “price elasticity”) and how to make sure your offer is priced EXACTLY RIGHT.
  • Everyone tells you about “Positioning” and “Targeting”. They’re all speaking gibberish. What you need is our “Precision Decision Grid” to nail WHAT you’re actually offering – and for WHO…
  • ​And so much more...

The Perfect Message

Once you’re crystal clear on WHO your dream client is…

And WHAT to offer them…

You’re going to craft what to say to them – with my help.
In this module, I’m giving you a simple, easy model you can follow to write the perfect message.

The kind of messages you can post anywhere – and your dream clients will notice, pay attention, engage with what you’re saying…

And become dream clients. 

Without you ever sounding pushy, salesy or coming across “weird,”

This training will help you...
  • Discover WHAT to say, HOW to say it, whenever you’re speaking with a prospect (on social media, Zoom call, via Messenger, whatever). No pushy, sleazy tactics. Just natural conversations and effortless communication.
  • The vital “Conversation Macro” strategies you must use to turn applications and prospects into clients who LOVE what you do for them (and are bringing value right back to YOU, not just in terms of cash but in terms of connections, access, and opportunities.)
  • The secret to position yourself as a freelance pro with this simple little tweak to how you talk to potential clients.
  • ​​A complete walkthrough of the exact words I’ve used to easily connect with prospects and turn engagement into clients. Enter any conversation with confidence knowing exactly what to say, what to look for, and how to handle any questions.
  • ​The truth about building rapport. Most people butcher their efforts here without ever knowing it (but remedy this one error and you’ll see your close-rate increase fast).
  • How to ethically leverage your prospects emotional life so they can make the decision to move forward WITHOUT using skeezy tactics, intimidation or external pressure.
  • What to type into Google to uncover the darkest fears and deepest desires of your prospects – when you nail this, you’ll never run out of things to say that profoundly resonates with your market…
  • A quick-start “jump off” point for your messaging so you can start engaging with your audience… and what to do if you don’t even know who your audience is yet (Hint: it’s NOT research.)
  • ​And much, much more.
Once you start using the 1-Page Protocol together with the other modules…

You’ll Start Getting Requests From Perfect Clients Who WANT To Work With You

Simply follow the weekly plan on your 1-Page Protocol…

Spend a couple of hours at most…

And the stream of conversations, message requests and emails from prospects will start pouring in.

If you start posting on a Monday, you’ll have at least one or more conversations by Friday – if you follow the steps we’ve outlined.
  • You’ll no longer have draining conversations with tire-kicker prospects who can’t afford you…
  • “Red flag” clients will be a thing of the past…
  • ​​You can fire your nightmare clients, end bad contracts, and only work with clients who value and appreciate your work...
  • ​You’ll a steady, consistent stream of projects every month, ending the cycle of living invoice to invoice and relying on random, underpaid gigs
  • You’ll hit your income goals with ease…
  • Work with only the best clients who, in turn, give you glowing testimonials...
  • ​And have the free time to live life on your terms...
How do I know?
Because this exact method has not only helped Chris and I grow Traffic & Funnels into the behemoth it is today…
It’s also helped over 3,000 of our clients, too.

This Method Is Helping Thousands of Freelancers Get Clients – Every Week

Literally THOUSANDS of our happy students and clients have received the same training… And have gone on to have the kind of freelance lifestyle they’ve always dreamed about.

Here’s what just a few of them have to say...
“... Perfect client just signed up like butter for 8x my old price”

“I thought it wouldn’t work for me because I have a weird niche. Two consults later and my perfect client just signed up like butter… for 8x my old price and less “stuff” included. Clarity is 10/10.” 

- Kyle S
“... 5x more than we have ever charged before!”

“WIN - we got our first deal! WE’RE STOKED!! This proves our clients WANT a high-ticket program that gives them the RESULT they want. 5x more than we have ever charged before!”

-Mattew S
“... CLOSED $4,800 FIRST DEAL”

WIN... CLOSED $4,800 FIRST DEAL. Split in two payments. Grateful to be here :) Only 2 week in LETS GOOOO.. Back to work now

-Bishal K
“... $35K invest in coaching, and your ‘pillar’ section alone puts everything to shame”

“WIN... Over the past 8 months I’ve dropped more than 35K on coaching, and your “pillar” section alone puts EVERYTHING to shame. You’re a wizard T, thank you! 

- Robert B
“... WIN, I just sold my first client with my new offer!”

“WIN, I just sold my first client with my new offer! For the record, I’ve never sold over the phone before… so this is exciting for me!! 2 SS today and 1 sale - I’ll take that 50% close rate”

-Lia K
“... always did everything for everybody but no more $800 1-on-1 clients :)”

Always did everything for everybody, but the WHO WHAT HOW training is blowing me away! No more $800 1-on-1 clients :) 

-Russell P

Plus, When You Add Up Everything People Have Said About Working With Us Inside Our Own High-Ticket Programs... The Proof Starts to Get a Little Crazy:

Honestly, if they can do it…

I’m confident YOU can do it, too.

So I’m going to do EVERYTHING I can to help you.

Starting with making this drop-dead simple and cheap.

This would normally cost hundreds if not thousands of dollars, but…

You Can Get Freelance Fastlane for Pennies on the Dollar

This framework is based on our flagship program that others have paid $9,800 or more for.

And when I spoke with Chris and my team about how much we should charge…

Everyone voted for at least $497, and some even said we should charge $997 for this.

I think that’s fair.
Because even just one client could be worth $1,00… $2,000 or even $5,000, maybe more.

I sat down in my office, closed the door, and called my wife to run this by her…

And she talked some sense into me.

When I was a struggling freelancer, I was strapped on cash. Even paying $100 would’ve stung. She reminded me of this.

So I’m making this incredibly affordable for you...

You can have everything for ONLY $47.

That’s it. And as if that wasn’t already a fantastic offer...

You're Also Getting These Free Gifts That Will Help Deliver Perfect Clients, Faster

Here's what I've put together for you...

Hyper Client Acquisition Playbook ($1,000)

I’ve pulled together the most effective and useful “plays” for freelancers.

These mini-trainings will give you advice, ideas, and exact strategies you can use to get more clients, faster.

Inside this “playbook” you’ll get...
  • Hyper Organic Method: The exact, fast-track system that grew my freelancing business to $20K per month, without working any harder, without webinars or ads or anything like that. This is super quick but crazy effective.
  • Hyper Organic Storytelling: Watch over my shoulder as I write stories from scratch. This will teach you how YOU can write “organic stories” that magnetically attract and pull in perfect clients, in a natural way.
  • Hyper Organic Facebook Group Mastery: Use this strategy to provide honest value inside Facebook groups, without breaking rules or being sleazy – and attracting perfect clients with integrity.
  • Hyper Organic LinkedIn Mastery: Don’t limit yourself to just one platform. Turn LinkedIn into a pipeline of requests and appointments with perfect-fit clients who are eager to work with you.
  • ​$30K Hyper Organic Field Report: Discover how Anthony went from $2500 to $30k+ per month. Learn from a real-life case study as he walks through his exact process, step-by-step.
  • $22K Hyper Organic Field Report: See how Ryan did $22K using our strategies. Get inspiration and ideas for how you can do the same.
I'm also giving you this...

Freelance Sales Script ($400)

Sales isn’t the most fun thing to do… But it’s necessary that you’re able to sell your freelance services

Don’t “wing it” or use outdated “sales methods” from the 1980’s…

Use our modern-day “Freelance Sales Scripts” so you can have the right conversations, the right way…
  • What NOT to Say: The demand-killing phrases you should never, ever say to a prospect on the phone…
  • The Script: The 12-part script that built our $12k per month freelance business…
  • Why silence is better than chattering away: How, when and where to deploy silence in your sales call…
  • ​STOP sending proposals! Word by word... here’s exactly what to say to take money over the phone…
  • ​And much more...
So, let me recap EVERYTHING you’re getting today…

Here's Everything You're Getting for Only $47

  • Module #1: The Freelance Protocol ($99 value)
  • Module #2: The Freelance To Business Owner Book ($9.99 value)
  • Module #3: The Perfect Avatar & Offer ($99 value)
  • Module #4: The Perfect Message ($99 value)
  • ​Free Gift #1: Hyper Client Acquisition Playbook ($1,000 Value)
  • ​Free Gift #2: The Freelance Sales Script ($400 Value)
Simply click the button below and you’ll be taken to our secure order form where you can claim this limited offer. 

It takes only a minute, and your information will be 100% secure.

And you’ll get full access to everything within minutes (an email will hit your inbox with details.)
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And, to make sure you’re completely covered...
Your Investment In Freelance Fastlane Is Protected By a Lifetime 100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re like the thousands of freelancers and service providers who’ve leveraged this strategy to grow their own businesses…

I’m positive you’re going to be thrilled as you see dream clients show up in your email inbox, messages.

But if for any reason, at any time, you decide this isn’t for you... 

Simply create a support ticket or call my support team at (615) 953-9536 and we’ll rush to refund your full purchase.

No questions. No hassles.

Even if you wake up 10 years from now and decide you still haven’t gotten any value, we’ll hand back your money. The risk is 100% on my shoulders. And that’s because I have absolute confidence this can change your freelance career forever.

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Take me up on the $47 for the full Freelance Fastlane product (including all the free gifts…)

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If you scrolled all the way down to get the low-down...

There's Nothing Like Freelance Fastlane For Sale Anywhere

Freelance Fastlane is a proven, step-by-step protocol for helping you get as many dream clients as you want.
  • Without sacrificing your time and energy…
  • ​Without a complicated funnel...
  • ​Without a webinar...
  • ​Without building an email list...
  • ​Without spending all your time on social media...
  • ​Without chasing and pitching anything that breathes...
  • ​Without talking to tire-kickers...
  • ​Without spending a dime on advertising...
And you can get it all for a single payment of $47.

But… I’ve promised my team to raise the price, probably to $247 or something, pretty soon. We’re simply giving away too much of our “secret sauce”.

And that “secret sauce” is handing you...
  • Module #1: The Freelance Protocol ($99 value)
  • Module #2: The Freelance To Business Owner Book ($9.99 value)
  • Module #3: The Perfect Avatar & Offer ($99 value)
  • Module #4: The Perfect Message ($99 value)
But I’m happy to give it away for now – including $1,400 worth of free gifts…
  • ​Free Gift #1: Hyper Client Acquisition Playbook ($1,000 Value)
  • ​Free Gift #2: The Freelance Sales Script ($400 Value)
On top of all that, you’re protected by our lifetime money-back guarantee.

You’re risking nothing – and getting everything.

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